Goldenrod's Allergy Myth

        For many years, people believed that Goldenrod was a main cause of
horrible seasonal allergies. Those suffering from horrible hay fever especially hated Goldenrod. Today however scientific studies have proven that Goldenrod is not the main cause of seasonal allergies. The reason this myth came about was because Goldenrod's peak blooming period coincides with the peak of ragweed season. Since Goldenrod is abundant in many areas, and it has that distinct golden color to its flowers, it was an easy target for allergy activists in comparison to the true enemy, ragweed. Another important point is that Goldenrods are bee pollinated, where ragweeds are wind pollinated. This means allergy suffers are especially affected on windy days as a result of ragweed’s win pollination and not Goldenrod’s bee pollination. The key is to make people more aware that the myth about Goldenrod's allergy effects is just that, a myth. The more people who know the truth, the easier it will be to accept this beautiful plant as a friend and not a foe.

This link is an excellent source for seasonal allergy information.

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