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OCTOBER 7, 2004

Present:  Carol Drechsel, Jeff Struck, Iris Gill, Annette Viergutz, Dean Hjelle, Debbie Opatz, Jean Chen, Carmen Williams, Janet Carlson, Bill Niehaus, Rose Keeley, Kathy Wang, Rohit Kulkarni,  Dennis Junk, Carol Tschakert, Kevin Martin, Bill Slanger, Gloria Dohman.  John Chamberlain (guest).

Pizza was served for lunch, $3 per person.  $54 lunch money was collected.  Carol Drechsel provided bars for dessert.


  1. Meeting was called to order by President Drechsel.
  2. Minutes of April 1, 2004 meeting were distributed and approved.
  3. Treasurer's report was given by Iris Gill.  Current balance is $662.15.    Treasurer's report was approved as presented.
  4. Reminder that dues will be collected in January.


Duties of the President and Vice President were presented.  President runs the meetings, distributes mail, and assists the Vice President in setting up meeting programs.  The Vice President sets up the meeting programs and schedules the meeting room.  Ordering the lunch used to be the Vice President's task but for the time being will be done by the Treasurer.

Kevin Martin was elected President and Bill Niehaus was elected Vice President.  Both terms take effect in January and are for one-year terms.


Reminder that we can apply for a $300 grant from MWSUG to bring in speakers for our meetings.


CURRENT VERSION OF SAS:   v. 9.1.3 released in August 2004

SUGI to be held in Philadelphia April 10-13, 2005

North Dakota SAS Users Group (NDSUG) has been organized in Bismarck by former RRVSUG member Arlen Harmoning.  Our group has been invited to attend their inaugural meeting on November 3 in Bismarck.  They are bringing in speakers:  (1) Chevell Parker from SAS Institute speaking on "The Ten Most Frequently Asked Questions about the SAS Output Delivery System" and "Creating Custom Excel Spreadsheets Using ODS"     and      (2) Andrew Karp, independent consultant, presenting "Working with SAS Date and Time Functions" and "Steps to Success with Proc Means."   In conjunction with the NDSUG meeting, Sierra Information Services will be conducting six day-long workshops on various SAS topics.   (see  for information.)


Internet webinar from SAS on "SAS Breakthrough Tour Spotlight on Shared Success 2004."

Jeff Struck will be receiving a free CD from SAS dealing with their Microsoft Office add-in software.  Jeff will let the group know when this is available.

User presentations were given as follows:

Carol Drechsel:              (1) E-mail Output Directly from SAS Program;
                                  (2) SAS ODS Templates

Carmen Williams:             Question on using Proc Export to export to an Excel file

Jeff Struck:                    Read in Excel File and Maintain Formats of Variables

Dean Hjelle:                  (1) Read Unconverted Version 6 Datasets
                                  (2) SAS Settings for Version 9
                                  (3) Register True Type Fonts for Use by SAS

Meeting adjourned at 3:00 p.m.

Submitted by Iris Gill, Secretary/Treasurer


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