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Date: 8/06/03

Present: Carol Drechsel, Dennis Junk, Rose Keeley, Annette Viergutz, Jean Chen,
Debbie Opatz, Mike Domes, Dean Hjelle, Jeff Struck, Janet Carlson,
Carol Tschakert, Bill Slanger, Bill Niehaus, Arlen Harmoning, Kathy Wang

Pizza was served at 12:00 for lunch , $3.00 per person
Carol brought rice crispy bars

Business Meeting:

1. The meeting was called to order by Pres. Carol Drechsel at 12:30
2. The minute from April 22, 2003 meeting were distributed and reviewed
3. The Treasurer’s report was given – balance $722.51 by July 28, 2003
4. Dues were all paid

SAS Announcements:

1. Midwest SAS Users Group 14th Annual Conference will be held in Minneapolis,
September 14-16, 2003, at the Hotel Hilton Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport.

2. SUGI 29 – May 9-12, 2004 The Palais des Congres de Montreal


1. “Working the Good Life” - SAS Institute feature from 60 Minutes

2. User Presentations
    (1) Carol Drechsel
        (a) Distribute a program on creating code template in the SAS enhanced editor.
        The program was created by Paul Grant from SAS Institute.
        (b) SAS demo - PC SAS code to create PDF and HTML file
    (2) Rose Keeley – Colon Modifier
    (3) Jeff Struck – Convering monthly data to quarterly data using SAS arrays
    (4) Dean Hjelle – Using SAS macro to read in comma delimited files, select useful information
        and create SAS dataset.
    (5) Carol Tschakert – Using PROC COPY to facilitate reading multiple datasets from multiple

3. Trivia – prizes!

Next Meeting – To be discussed

Meeting adjourned – 3:30 p.m.


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