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APRIL 1, 2004

Present:  Carol Drechsel, Jeff Struck, Iris Gill, Annette Viergutz, Dean Hjelle, Mike Cogan, Doris Bornhoeft, Mike Domes, Kirby Kugler, Debbie Opatz, Jean Chen, Carmen Williams, Sue Rosha, Janet Carlson, Roger Perala, Bill Niehaus, Julie Zwettler.

Guests:  Diane Olson, Jeff Benson (from SAS).

Make-Your-Own Sandwiches were served for lunch, $3 per person.


  1. Meeting was called to order by President Drechsel at 12:30.
  2. Minutes of December 9, 2003 meeting were distributed and approved.
  3. President Drechsel proposed that the minutes be distributed by e-mail in the future in addition to being posted on our website (  This would take the place of distribution at the next meeting.  Proposal was approved.
  4. Treasurer's report was given by Iris Gill.  Opening balance at time of changeover of Treasurer was $686.56.  Current balance is $617.38.  Expenditures since last meeting:  $69.18 (April meeting lunch).  Changed bank account to a non-interest earning account as non-profit groups are not supposed to earn interest.


Probably will not be a summer meeting.  Looking more towards a fall meeting.  Suggested topics included:

  • Functions in version 9
  • ODS styles and formatting issues
  • Enterprise Guide


SUGI 29 to be held in Montreal on May 9-12

Midwest SUG to be held in Chicago on September 26-28.  Passed around a "Call for Papers" brochure.


Jeff Benson introduced himself.  He is a SAS sales representative from Minneapolis.  Stressed that his role is to support SAS users.  He serves the Mid Market (businesses earning less than $1 billion dollars annually) for the region.

Diane Olson, utility procedures developer for SAS in Cary, NC, gave a presentation on the new Proc Migrate procedure.  This procedure facilitates the migration of data created in older versions of SAS over to the new version 9.2. 

The SAS website has a Proc Migrate Calculator which will help you determine if you need to migrate your data to version 9.2.

Diane's paper and powerpoint presentation are also at the above website.


SAS Trivia was played and SAS items were given out as prizes.

Meeting adjourned at 2:45 p.m.

Submitted by Iris Gill, Secretary/Treasurer


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