Short-Horned Lizard Phrynosoma douglassi

Short-horned lizards found in North Dakota are often referred to as horned toads. This is a mistake since short-horned lizards are reptiles, not amphibians. Their bodies are flattened and covered with protective horns and spikes.

Sagebrush Lizards Sceloporus graciosus

Sagebrush lizards are small, reclusive, and extremely quick. Local residents sometime refer to these lizards as "bluebellies" because of the bright blue patches on their undersides.

Northern Prairie Skink Eumeces septentrionalis

Prairie skinks are also known as black-banded skinks. They have smooth, shiny scales and grow up to seven inches in length, with bands of brown and black along the length of the back. Juvenile skinks are easily identified by their bright blue tails.

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