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Landsat TM imagery (mid-infrared band 5) from mid-summer months covering the Devils Lake Basin, North Dakota (Path 31 Row 26; Path 31 Row 27; Path 32 Row 26) were obtained from the USGS ( The images were subset to the Devils Lake Basin and mosaicked together. For more information about the Devils Lake Basin visit




Web mapping service for North Dakota geo-spatial and remotely sensed data.

NorthDakotaView, led by the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks, is a member of the AmericaView Consortium and is dedicated to promoting remote sensing and geospatial technologies within North Dakota. The emphasis is on establishing and assisting with education and training curricula within colleges and universities throughout the state and enhancing technology transfer, applied research efforts, and workforce training.

The mission of NorthDakotaView is to support the successful acquisition and use of remotely sensed data and geospatial technologies at minimal to no cost for training, education, and applied research within North Dakota's higher education institutions and bring these technologies into the hands of the public.

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