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A student membership group of the Department of Counseling Psychology & Community Services


Meeting Minutes

October 30, 2008

October 15, 2008

October 7, 2008

Magna Iota Minutes (Oct. 30th)

Number of attendees: 7

  • Couples counseling Dr. Whitcomb will be presenting Nov. 12, 5:00 pm on couples counseling for the psychology department’s Student Psychological Association (SPA) meeting. He asked for a few of us from the program to come with him to plug the program and answer questions. 3 members of Magna Iota volunteered and we are still looking for a Ph. D. student to go along.
  • CVIC Abraham will be talking to them tomorrow about how we can help. Snacks We decided to put $50 towards getting snacks for the lounge. Mary will be in charge of purchasing the snacks. Within the next couple of weeks, snacks will be available for others to purchase. Separate organization for school counselors Dr. Whitcomb questioned if the new cohort of school counselors in the spring will automatically be members of Magna Iota or if they will have a separate organization. We will be looking into this further.
  • Website We have a website! Each officer is to send Abraham a picture along with name, hometown, undergrad degree and from where, and either what we like about the program or research interests to be put up on the website.
  • Northlands Rescue Mission Tracy is going to look further into what we can do to help the mission around the holidays.
  • Alerus Center We are going to be looking into how we could possibly make some money by cleaning after an event at the Alerus Center.
  • Magna Iota Board We plan to add more to our board, so look for upcoming events and our mission statement.
  • SAS Meeting SAS is looking for more involvement from Master’s students.
  • Activities Abraham should be setting up a doodle by next week for bowling. The dates we are looking at for possible times would be Thurs. Nov. 6 through Sun. Nov. 9. Back to Top

Magna Iota Meeting (Oct. 15)

Number of attendees: 8

  • Abraham called CVIC: someone should be getting back to him about how we can help the organization
  • Fundraiser for popcorn sales at Union: we are too late to do it now because there was a raffle at the beginning of the semester, so we will try to get in on the raffle spring semester
  • Diversity night: this is going to be two session event at the Union (Oct. 24th and 25th) 24th movie from 6:30-8:30pm 25th games and activities from 10:30am-12:30pm Magna Iota will be providing the food and beverages for the event
  • Balance for our account: as of right now we are unaware of the balance on Tuesday 21st Mary will find out more information about our account there are three different ways to get money
  • Magna Iota Board: we supposedly have a board in Montgomery that is broken, but we plan to fix it up and post information on it
  • 3 Page Handbook it was brought up to start a handbook for Magna Iota to pass on Dr. Whitcomb had notified us that we get 100 free copies a week
  • Safe Zone Training on Oct. 24th there is training from 10-Noon one of the members was going to find out more information about it to see if it would be beneficial to us to partake in the training
  • Interaction with Doc students/Rehab students had a discussion about our interaction with these groups and concluded it was minimal if any at all we hope to increase this interaction
  • Empty Bowl Project trying to get some people together and possibly participate in one of the three Thursday night sessions $10 to paint a bowl
  • Meetings decided on meeting every other week a doodle should be set up again for the next meeting time
  • T-shirts decided on having a design competition top 3 designs will be chosen by the officers and then everyone can vote for the winner deadline is going to be mid-November (15th?) Back to Top

Magna Iota Meeting (October 7th)

Number of attendees: 7

  • Ideas for projects in the community: Clothes drive Food drive Bake sale Turkey drive Bell ringing for Salvation Army Caroling Big Event in the spring Working with elderly Popcorn sales at the union Creative food can project competition Serving soup
  • Start-up money for projects: Mary Freitag (treasurer will be looking into this) How to get the word out about our projects: UND Street beat through Y94 Memorial Union TV screens
  • Shirt Designs: We would like to design our t-shirts as soon as possible
  • Gatherings: Holiday Party – Ugly sweater Welcome gathering (spring) - for the new students who will be starting the Master’s program next semester
  • Monthly Activities: We decided on trying to set-up a monthly activity (movies, bowling, restaurant, coffee shop) to hang out and have fun
  • 3 Basic Things Abraham wanted to make sure we did Activities - get everyone involved Community - work in our community to volunteer and raise money T-shirt - design an awesome t-shirt By next meeting Abraham will be getting more information about how we can help the following groups: CVIC Northlands Rescue Mission Battered women’s shelter
  • Next meeting: Abraham set up a doodle to see a time when everyone can meet As of right now we plan to meet at Archives Accomplishments: Design t-shirts Figure out a fundraiser/project to have completed by the holidays

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