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A student membership group of the Department of Counseling Psychology & Community Services


Welcome to Magna Iota!

"At Magna Iota we actively work to strengthen our campus, community, and each other, through cooperatively engaging in holding and sponsoring local events and activities." 

Magna Iota is an honorary program for all UND master level students in Counseling. We actively participate in our community and on our campus by sponsoring and holding events that encourage growth through participation and education.  We hold fundraisers to help community organizations meet their needs and better serve the Grand Forks area.   

Anyone actively enrolled in UND’s MA Counseling program is already a member.  Look for our online posts through the listserv as well as bulletin board flyers in Montgomery Hall about upcoming events and how to get involved! By actively participating in meetings and events you can meet great friends and be involved in a variety of fun activities including fund raisers, group outings, and helping in our community. Just stop by our next meeting and let your voice be heard. 



Upcoming Events