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Grand Forks, ND

SPED 564: Structured Teaching
(2 credit hours, graduate)

Instructors: Shannon Grave, M.Ed.

Summer and Fall Semester

University of North Dakota

Enrollment very limited.

This is an elective course in the sequence of interdisciplinary courses focusing on autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) offered by the University of North Dakota. Its central purpose is to encourage parents and caregivers of individuals with ASD to engage in reflective thinking about and critical analysis of this educational approach for persons with ASD. (Prerequisites are SPED 560 Introduction to Autistic Spectrum Disorder and SPED 561 Methods for Autistic Spectrum Disorder or the instructor's permission.)

Topics to include:

Visual Schedules
Work Stations
Errorless Learning Activities
Collaboration with Parents of Persons with ASD

Potential participants:

General and special educators, speech and language pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, physicians, nurses, social workers, parents, and others

Required technology:

Computer (Windows XP or Mac OS X or higher) with web access, real-internet access, and e-mail

Course delivery method:

Persons who enroll in this course will purchase a textbook. On a weekly basis, they will view assigned 60-minute class lectures via the internet, view related intervention demonstrations via the internet, read assigned reading(s), participate in a 45-minute live chat session, and participate in threaded discussions on related topics. (The Instructor will schedule chat sessions during the first week of class. Every effort will be made to schedule chat sessions around students' work schedules.)

Course assignments:

Students are required to attend 45-minute chat sessions once a week and to participate in discussion threads on topics posted by the instructors throughout the semester. In addition, the course requires an independent project where participants work with a youngster with (or suspected of having) ASD. The independent project will be mailed to the instructor.

Course registration deadline:


Projected cost:


To register:

Click here for registration information.

For additional information:

Should you wish more information about this course, please e-mail Shannon Grave at



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