Info about SI SI's manual: Neoclassical Cryptographic Systems

Lanaki's Classical Cryptology Course

The Army Field Manual 34-40-2

letter releasing AFM 34-40-2 for unlimited public distribution

Mike Schroeder's (MSCREP's) lecture re using pattern words in 'ristos

Cipher Solvers and Encrypting/Decrypting Programs

CaseIt generates simple subtitution crypts

The Chinese "Gold Bar" ciphers

The Cyrillic cipher

The Elgar (Enigma or Dorabella) cipher

Info about Beale, Feynman, and Voynich ciphers

Semiotics' (shareware) Simp. Sub. Sol.

Word Lists (Including pattern lists and software) (See also Wart's dictionary in Solvers above)

Modern Crypto Software via anonymous ftp from Finland (go to /pub/crypt)