What would Jesus Do?

A question for the "faithful"

Whether or not you are religious or "Christian", the ideas that the individual named Jesus from the Bible embodies is still of importance in present-day society:

Forgiveness Compassion Humility Self-sacrifice Understanding, and Defense of the weak, child, woman, poor, diseased

Are these not good qualities, regardless of who said them or says them?

What would it mean to apply these enlightened ideals to the issue of using a disenfranschised and oppressed minority group as a "moniker", "mascot", or "team name"??

Is society being advanced? Is civilization being advanced? Is humanity being improved? Is it polite? Is it understanding? Is it respectful? Does the US look "englightened" in the eyes of the world? Is the noose of imperialism and cultural imperialism being thrown-off by this act?

Ask yourself:

What Would Jesus Do?