UND Senate Resolution

Whereas, the "Fighting Sioux" nickname and assorted logos have provided many causes for concern on the UND campus for thirty years;

Whereas, President Kupchella formed a commission of prominent citizens to study the issue, and after a year of study that commission had made its final report;

Whereas, Chancellor Isaac had publicly proclaimed his unqualified support for whatever conclusions President Kupchella might reach; and

Whereas, the State Board of Higher Education subsequently adopted a preemptive resolution to the nickname/logo issue;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the UND Senate concludes that the Board of Higher Education's intervention without prior notice or explanation was an unjustified interference with a pending deliberative campus process, and the Senate calls on the Board to reconsider and retract its decision.

This resolution was overwhelming passed January 11, 2001, by the UND Senate, with no changes. By the voice vote there was one "nah", several abstensions, and the rest "yah"'s.