As long as we're on the topic...

by Monique Vondall
Turtle Mountain Chippewa

(appeared in Native Directions, Fall 2000, Volume 8, Issue 1)

As long as we are on the topic, let's discuss some of the options that are open for a new nickname (should we, of course, choose to get rid of the useful one we already have).

It has always been the opinion of me and my colleagues that we would be proud to be called "The Jets". If it was good enough for Joe Namath, then it's good enough for North Dakota. In fact, most say: "Now there's a name to be proud of!" Likewise, the belief stands that "The Jets" would be much more significant and represent the new, true spirit of the University.

Since the Aerospace Center is one of the most successful of its kind in the nation, the Air Force Base is nearby, and the airport in one of Grand Forks' main attractions, the consensus is that the name would better capture the spirit of this part of North Dakota.

If we were to rename on the basis of main attractions, however, perhaps the Beeters would signify more importance to the area. You may laugh, but think again. We could move straight from fighting to the domineerance of beating.

Beeting Farmers has a nice ring to it. (No disrespect intended to the nation's farmers-- we honor you and your agronomous history).

Perhaps we are going about this all wrong. A new logo means having to change the merchandise, the uniforms, the new logo on the chairs at the new Engelstad Arena, not to mention the mindset of most students, one particular fraternity and alumni. But, as my fellow classmate said so eloquently in his Dakota Students column: "UND alumni: this is not your university anymore" (thanks, Al).

Sarcasm? No. Realism? Yes. The fact remains undeniably that the logo issue is alive and kicking at UND. So, why not choose to kick around a new mascot? Maybe we should go back to the Flickertails. Somebody could dress up as one at the games, chase gophers down the street, and pretend to throw nuts at them. Maybe construct a flickertail house in front of another fraternity. That would be fun.

All kidding aside, President Kupchella is faced with a significant duty while he is here. Clear your throat, Mr. Kupchella, and give up respect and a sense of pride by voicing a change in attitude-- change the logo once and for all.

"The Fighting Sioux" is not respectful, not kosher, and not legal, from our standpoint. There is no honor in being made fun of at games.