SPAN Resolution, 11.19.99

WHEREAS the Native peoples of the Americas have been subjugated to aggression, forced relocation, ghettoization, murder, rape, torture, razing, biological warfare, economic exploitation, and treaty destruction,

WHEREAS the environment in North Dakota is one that remains hostile to the existence of Native peoples,

WHEREAS the Administration and powers at the University of North Dakota have and continue to astutely ignore the demands of tribal resolutions and leaders, Native community leaders, and Native students,

WHEREAS the general UND student population is either kept in the dark on the true nature of the UND "Fighting Sioux" mascot, or are subtly or openly racist,

WHEREAS the Native peoples have their pride paraded about by jingoistic, intoxicated, and belligerent fans at sporting events as an "object to bring good luck", although the Native peoples have enjoyed no apparent "good luck",

WHEREAS the culture, religion, spritirualism, and pride of Native peoples is stolen and abused by the University simply as a tool to bring in monetary revenue,

We of the Student Political Action Network [SPAN] hereby resolve and demand that the University of North Dakota immediately remove the "Fighting Sioux" mascot and logo from all facets of the University and restore the pride and dignity of Native people.

Student Political Action Network