Sicker Veto
To: Student Senators


Jonathon Sickler, Student Body President
Re: Veto of SR 18
Date January 31, 1999

Asserting the authority granted to the Student Body President in the UND Student Senate Constitution, Article II, section C, subsection 1c1, I am vetoing Senate Resolution 18, which calls for discontinuance of the "Sioux" logo.

I do not come to this decision easily or without considerable thought. I have great respect for the Student Senate as an institution and its representative abilities as well as for the current Senate membership. I would not contradict consensus of the Senate if I did not feel that SR 18 advocated a very serious stance that will have a significant negative effect on UND and its students.

On this particular issue of SR 18, relevant arguments exist on both sides. However, I have an obligation to do what I believe is in the best interests of all UND students. After weighing numerous components, I have come to the conclusion that it is not in the best interests of UND or its future to have the Student Government in favor of a nickname change.

I believe the Sioux logo has been used respectfully by UND and those affiliated with the University. I also believe great opportunities exist for education and dialogue concerning cultural and racial issues because of the use of the Sioux logo. It is my hope that by using the Sioux logo, the American Indian cultures receive greater visibility and prominence in our society.

I view the linking of the great institution that is the University of North Dakota with the proud nations of American Indians is a positive connection for both entities. It is simply my desire to see that link continue long into the future.