SR 18
UND Senate Resolution
To: Student Senators


Lars Teppo, Graduate School Senator
Chaminda Prelis, University Apartments Senator
Sarah Wieland, Honors Senator
Colleen Smith, Off-Campus Senator

Cc: Jonathan Sickler, Steve Snortland, President Kendall Baker, Vice President Robery Boyd, Vice President John Ettling, and Leigh Jeanotte, Director of Native American Programs

Date: 25 January 1999

Re: Discontinuing the use of the "Sioux" nickname and logo by UND

Whereas, "Sioux" is a derogatory term for the Dakota, Lakota, and Nakota peoples used by the U.S. Government and originally by French fur trades and trappers meaning "snakes"; and,

Whereas, the use of the "Sioux" nickname and logo has been a controverial issue for the last 30 years; and,

Whereas, by virtue of resolution, American Indian Governments have respectfully asked UND to discontinue use of the "Sioux" nickname and logo; and

Whereas, using as a nickname and logo the name of a people that has been discriminated against does not promote a spirit of unity as we move into the 21st century; and,

Whereas, it is part of UND's mission to promote multiculturalism, and continued use of the "Sioux" name perpetuates archaic stereotypes of American Indians; and,

Whereas, other national universities have changes their athletic nicknames and logos without detriment to the integrity of their athletic and academic programs; and,

Whereas, if the group to whome "Sioux" refers does not feel honored by its use, then we as a University do not honor the people, despite our intentions;

Therefore, be it resolved that the UND Student Senate, in true honor of the word and request of the Dakota, Lakota, and Nakota peoples, stands for discontinuing the use of the "Sioux" name as the nickname and logo of our university.