To: Members of State Board of Higher Education

Since hearing the news of your "decision" regarding the use of "fighting sioux" logo, I have been struggling to make sense of what was done. Unfortunately, no sense was involved.

1. You completely disregarded all the hard work of the special information-gathering committee that President Kupchella appointed. These people spent HOURS AND HOURS gathering information so that Kupchella could make the decision. In a matter of minutes, all that was swept under the carpet; I'm sure it wasn't analyzed, discussed, and weighed to the degree that Kupchella had. Those committee members should be outraged at your devaluing their time and work commitment.

2. Once again, the SBHE members have not followed procedural rules regarding public notice of agenda. When a body of people so closely scrutinizes every aspect of faculty work and doesn't hold itself to the same standard, it deserves not only criticism, but its actions must receive public review and legal action.

3. Nothing undermines faculty morale more than the micromanaging that this board continues to exert. With such low salaries, it is already difficult, and often impossible, to attract faculty to come to teach in our university system; it is even harder to retain them when they realize how the board continues to usurp faculty autonomy.

This is a black day.


Margaret Zidon
Dept. of Teaching & Learning
University of North Dakota
Home of the Disenfranchised