Dear Board members,

I thought that I had mis-heard the radio when I was in Grand Forks visiting my past classmates and professors on the 21st of December. But, of course, I didn't miss anything; the only people missing anything was the North Dakota Supposed Board of Higher Education. Not only are you in the esteemed positions you are in to help the University, its professors, its students, and its alumnists, but you are also mandated to improve the conditions of higher education in North Dakota as a whole.

The callous disregard for the scope of this issue, of local importance, of human dignity and worth, and due process has made your true mission all too clear: to protect the status quo of a vehemently racist University and power structure who's only concern is keeping the pipeline of alumni blood-money flowing into the University's coffers, while establishing your "authority" over a Presidency, administration, and entire University that you obviously do not trust to do "the right thing".

By usurping this volatile issue and the process it was following, you have turned pro-name faculty against you. You've attempted to set a dangerous precedent for top-down control over University affairs, one that could haunt the very future of UND's autonomy. And you've shown your true colors (green, filthy green) and the one thing you truly care about.

I am truly ashamed to say that I received a degree from North Dakota's flagship university. I am ashamed of President Kupchella for rolling over and accepting the Board's decision without any resistance. I am ashamed of the Board itself for disregarding all the hard work and negotiations taking place at UND and unilaterally declaring its contempt for the University and its functions. And I am ashamed with the climate of North Dakota which has facilitated such leaders and citizens to hold such blind beliefs and ignorance.

I call for all UND faculty to resist the Board's decision for both its heavy-handedness and also its blatant racism. I also call for the Board to reverse "its" decision, and for those members who quietly went along with the rest of the Board to publicly dissent and/or resign in protest.

Until then, I am ashamed at all of you.

Dana Williams
Akron, OH