Following is a letter to the editor sent to the Grand Forks Herald on Dec. 22 by Prof. Mary Jane Schneider, Indian Studies.

Editorial Page Grand Forks Herald
Box 6008
Grand Forks, ND


When the ND Board of Higher Education made its decision to retain the Fighting Sioux name and new logo, it accomplished two things.

1. The Board demonstrated that it had no trust in President Kupchella. Although President Kupchella had spent two years studying the issue, the Board did not trust him to make a decision in the best interest of the University. Knowing that the Board does not support the President means that no one in the state can trust the President or have any faith in any decision he might make.

2. By ignoring the requests of tribal leaders to change the name, the Board took the attitude that Whites know better than Indians what is best for Indians. The Board has sent a message that it is more important for the University to keep its stereotypes than it is to listen to Native People. This message is going to make it difficult for the University to maintain its mission of treating all people with dignity and respect.

The Board of Higher Education's hasty action will affect the University for many years.

Mary Jane Schneider
Chester Fritz Distinguished Professor Indian Studies