From: Leeann Kearney []
Sent: Wednesday, December 27, 2000 5:28 PM


Dear Board Members,

I am a student at UND and have written to express my sincere disapproval of your decision to take President Kupchella's decision regarding the UND Logo completely out of his hands.

You have not only taken a difficult decision away from the UND president, but in doing so, you have completely undermined his authority. You may as well have hung a sign above his head saying,"I'm incompetent. Don't ask me to run a University." What research have you all done on the issue? Mr. Kupchella at least had a reasonable process in motion.

Have you all had your heads in the sand over the past years? The Logo IS a huge issue not only on the UND campus and Grand Forks, but all over North and South Dakota and even the nation. Did you think that by making Mr. Kupchella your scapegoat, voting unanimously on an issue that you have virtually no research to base your decision on AND adopting a new Logo that you would make the Campus a better, less volatile place to be? Just who did you make that decision for? Surely you were not thinking of the students, as for now you have put all of our safety in jeapordy. Surely you were not thinking of the staff and faculty that oppose the name, for now you have put there safety in jeapordy. Surely you weren't thinking of the community, both Native and Non-Native. You have literally taken an issue that was potentially volatile, and thrown gas right on it. You are the BOARD OF HIGHER EDUCATION, I am just a lowly undergrad, but I can see that your decision did not have the best interest of ANYONE, not even the Alumni or the athletes in mind, for you have placed everyone that attends UND in potential danger by strong arming something that you should have either become involved with long ago, or left well enough to Mr. Kupchella to decide. You did not do that, and I hope and pray that no one gets physically harmed from your thoughtless decision-making. I hope you can live with the consequences knowing you have hurt many, many people in hopes of satisfying the few in power.

Leeann Kearney
Senior Nursing Student