Dear Board,

As a sophomore at the University of North Dakota, I am having a very difficult time coming back to UND for the spring semester, and I certainly have a lot of trouble recommending UND to any potential students. How can I give my tuition money to a University that is told to be so short sighted?

I believe very strongly that UND keeping the Fighting Sioux nickname is a human rights violation. I see with my own eyes the harm it does. Because I know I'm not perfect, I often initiate dialogue with others so that I can see as many perspectives on this issue as possible. I talk with people at the lunch table, work to setup panel discussions, even discuss the issue with friends and family outside of UND. As shepherds of higher education, I'm sure you would agree that learning and understanding is not just a teacher filling our minds with a set amount of material, it is more a life long everyday every minute every second process of looking for yourself and with others to discover reality through asking questions. But now I am told that there is no discussion, I donít need to seek out what is right and what is wrong, because I have a board of higher education to tell me, and my faculty. So, my mind can now consume what is approved and I can grow up and never make a real difference in this world.

I've been reading many of the letters sent to you by those seeking the name change and so far I agree with all the points and frustrations presented. Because I trust y'all have given them strong thought and reflection, I won't reiterate those points.

So, what's now? People are hurting more then ever and the campus is surely heating up. Your board made a big mistake, it's ok, I forgive you, I know you meant well. We all make mistakes. But, now, you can set a wonderful example for all university students. Show us that when one makes a mistake, one should not be too proud to look deeper into the issue and fix one's mistake.

-matt graber