Earl Strinden writes Sarah Weiland

Sarah Weiland
3012 University Ave
Grand Forks, ND 58203

Dear Sarah:

How nice of you to write me a letter. You need not have any worry about my reaction to the debate. I certainly did not feel anyone was disrespectful. Each individual is entitled to their own views and I never mind. In fact, I rather enjoy having healthy discussions about issues.

Obviously, you know how I feel about UND being known as the Sioux. What is most important is for the American Indian citizens to seize the opportunities for a quality education at this University and at other universities. Individual successful careers will build self-esteem and role models. In my opinion, this is the answer for breaking out of the vicious cycle of unemployment, alcohol and drug abuse, and family unit deterioration, all of whic are prevalent on most of the Indian reservations in our nation. You have heard me say removing the Sioux name will not cure any of therese problems, but will only further isolate the American Indian citizens.

Thank you again for your thoughtfullness in writing. With kind regards.


Earl S. Strinden
Executive Vice President