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Not a great deal of attention was paid to Native Americans in this state in the '30s and I would say in the '40s. And that was simply the way it was.
- Dave Vorland, UND University Relations

Source: ESPN’s Show 50 of Outside The Lines - Honor or Shame?

Ley - Protesters vow to return this fall to the new Engelstad arena for opening night. The coach of the Fighting Sioux can't wait for that evening.
Coach Dean Blais - It's going to be very sweet. That Indian head is going to be plastered all over.
Ley - And in a story full of veiled threats, the coach has a very public one.

Ley - Could you coach under any other name than Fighting Sioux?
Blais - I couldn't. I personally couldn't.
Ley - You couldn't coach?
Blais - No, I wouldn't.

Source: ESPN’s Show 50 of Outside The Lines - Honor or Shame?

"There are many people who want your head, no joking. I am not one of those people, but I have heard some nasty talk by people about doing stuff to you. So take this from me, a concerned human being, watch out for your life."
- Anonymous e-mail threat to Ira Taken Alive, March 1999

I see no choice but to respect the request of Sioux tribes that we quit using their name, because to do otherwise would be to put the university and its president in an untenable position."
- President Kupchella e-mail message to William Isaacson, the state board chairman, December 16, 2000

"The money Mr. Engelstad gave, the $100 million, was given on three conditions. The logo was one, the 'Home of the Fighting Sioux' had to stay and number three, the building was supposed to stay self-sufficient."
- Vice President of Ralph Engelstad Arena, Inc. Reggie Morelli, at a UND Student Senate meeting Nov. 5, 2000.

Source: Grand Forks Herald, November 7, 2000

I certainly never have agreed to keep the nickname in exchange for any part of Engelstad's gift. We have an agreement in place governing the construction of the hockey arena, and it makes no mention of the nickname or the logo.
- President Kupchella

Source: Grand Forks Herald, November 8, 2000

“If the logo and slogan are not approved by the above-mentioned date, I will then write a letter on December 30, 2000, to all contractors and to everybody associated with the arena, canceling their construction contracts for the completion of the arena.”
- Ralph Engelstad writing to President Kupchella

"Nothing more than a pimple on the rear end of an elephant”
- Earl Strinden in regards to protests against the “Fighting Sioux” nickname

Source: Grand Forks Herald, February 24, 2001

"When the leaders of the Sioux Nation come and tell me they don't want it, I'll respect that."
- President Clifford

Source: Grand Forks Herald, March 15, 1991

"That's where I get stuck, because the answer is 'no,'"
- Kupchella answering his own rhetorical question if any organization has the right to use the name of a group if that group's members say they don't want it to be used in that way

Source: Grand Forks Herald, December 3, 1999

"I would never do anything that I thought would hurt people to please him (Engelstad) in all my life,"
- Kupchella

Source: Grand Forks Herald, November 22, 1999

"I am sure you all know no one likes to have mud or dirt thrown at them. By using a cartoon or caricature of the Sioux Indian it is being demeaning of our Native American people and, of course, to many of our students."
- Carl Miller, UND Athletic Director, 1976

Source: Grand Forks Herald, December 5, 1999


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