Non-Dakota Organizations who oppose Native American peoples as mascots

The following list of organizations is a representative sample of the many Indian and other groups outside the Dakotas that have long been formally on record opposing the use of Native American peoples as mascots, nicknames, or logos by public institutions:

  1. National Congress of American Indians
  2. NEA (National Education Association)
  3. United Church of Christ
  4. Society of Indian Psychologists of the Americas
  5. NCAA Minority Opportunities and Interests Committee
  6. Interfaith Center for Corporate Responsibility
  7. American Jewish Committee
  8. National Coalition on Racism in Sports and the Media
  9. United Methodist Church
  10. NAACP
  11. Native American Journalists Association
  12. National Association of Black Journalists
  13. Asian American Journalists Association
  14. Association of American Indian Affairs
  15. Center for the Study of Sports in Society
  16. Rainbow Coalition
  17. National Conference for Community and Justice
  18. HONOR (Honor Our Neighbors Origins and Rights)
  19. UNITY (National Association of Black, Hispanic, Asian & Native American Journalists)
  20. Wisconsin Indian Education Association
  21. Kansas Association for Native American Education
  22. Los Angeles School Board
  23. North Carolina Governor's Interstate Council
  24. Washington State Department of Public Instruction
  25. Michigan Civil Rights Commission
  26. Minnesota State Board of Education
  27. University of Illinois College of Medicine, History Department, Anthropology Department and other units
  28. Nebraska Commission of Indian Affairs
  29. Advocates for American Indian Children (California)
  30. American Indian Mental Health Association (Minnesota)
  31. American Indian Movement
  32. Concerned American Indian Parents (Minnesota)
  33. The Great Lakes Inter-Tribal Council
  34. Bad River Band of Superior Chippewas
  35. Forest County Potawatomi Tribe
  36. Lac Courte Orielles Band of Lake Superior Chippewas
  37. Lac Du Flambeau Band of Lake Superior Chippewas
  38. Menominee Tribe of Wisconsin Chippewas
  39. Oneida Tribe of Wisconsin
  40. The Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians
  41. The United Tribes of Oklahoma on behalf of: Shawneee Tribe
  42. Caddo Tribe
  43. Cheyenne Arapho Tribe
  44. Choctaw Nation
  45. Commanche Tribe
  46. Delaware Eastern Tribe
  47. Iowa Tribe
  48. Kaw Tribe
  49. Muskogee Creek Nation
  50. Otoe Missouri Tribe
  51. Ponca Tribe
  52. Sac and Fox Tribes
  53. Seminole Nation
  54. Tonkawa Tribe
  55. Western Delaware Tribe
  56. Wyandotte Tribe
  57. Fort Sill Apache Tribe
  58. Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma
  59. Calvert Investment Group
  60. American Anthropological Association

* Note: UND is part of shrinking group of enlightened organizations which continue to advocate the usage of Native mascots, logos, and nicknames.