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Thanks to all the artists, photographers, graphic designers, image manipulators, and propagandists -- anonymous or otherwise -- for their amazing contributions to this archive.

Filename Date Size Description
1938.jpg 3-Jan-2001 00:23 14K UND's logo in 1938
1950s.jpg 14-Aug-2001 20:12 13K UND's logo in the 1950's
1960s.jpg 3-Jan-2001 00:24 15K UND's logo in the 1960's
1964.jpg 3-Jan-2001 00:24 15K UND's logo in 1964
1970s.jpg 3-Jan-2001 00:26 14K UND's logo in the 1960's and 1970's
2000.jpg 14-Aug-2001 20:13 11K UND's logo in 2000
alum.gif 18-Jan-2001 13:55 279K An alum gets a change of heart
basketball_court.jpg 06-Jun-2001 13:11 36K The Brien logo on the basketball court
blowus.jpg 31-Jan-2000 12:33 119K Obscene t-shirt from NDSU fans (large)
blowus2.jpg 06-Oct-2000 18:53 26K Obscene t-shirt from NDSU fans (small)
buck.jpg 08-Oct-2001 09:35 32K Obscene t-shirt from UND fans
buffalo_bill.jpg 17-Dec-2000 01:25 463K Parading around Natives for "fun" and "sport"
change.jpg 01-Dec-1999 21:02 34K UND: Change the Name (large)
change2.jpg 21-Nov-2001 20:02 12K UND: Change the Name (small)
change3.jpg 01-Dec-1999 21:29 12K UND Change the Name
cleveland.gif 08-Sep-1999 22:48 16K Cleveland Indians' "Wahoo"
clinton.jpg 12-Dec-2000 18:07 21K Former President Clinton gets in on it
crypto.gif 28-Apr-1999 21:09 1K Geometric logo of a racist (greyscale)
crypto2.gif 28-Apr-1999 21:47 1K Geometric logo of a racist (green)
dignity.gif 25-Apr-2000 20:53 40K Sitting Bull vs. Chief "Wahoo"
doublewhammy.jpg 24-Feb-2001 23:53 23K Two in one picture
dsimages.gif 03-Dec-1999 15:04 56K Dakota Student mosaic (Fall 1999)
engelstad_youth.gif 24-Jan-2001 08:10 137K UND panders for donations from its benefactor (greyscale)
engelstad_youth_color.jpg 24-Feb-2001 23:52 18K UND panders for donations from its benefactor (color)
fighting_flyers.gif 21-Nov-2001 13:38 11K An alternate logo?
graffiti.gif 07-Dec-1999 22:08 29K The writing on the wall
h2o.gif 18-Jan-2001 13:55 104K A non-offensive drink
heritage.jpg 25-Jul-1999 15:54 111K Claiming ownership to legacy
honor.gif 24-Jun-2001 20:09 37K An honorable logo? (UND '60s thru '70s)
lone_ranger_large.jpg 12-Dec-2000 18:07 736K The Lone Ranger rides again! (large)
lone_ranger_small.jpg 12-Dec-2000 18:12 37K The Lone Ranger rides again! (small)
lord_engelstad.jpg 24-Jan-2001 08:13 53K Subservience is demanded
newlogo.jpg 08-Dec-1999 22:21 30K Brien logo
nextsioux.gif 18-Nov-1999 11:52 11K What's next?
obey_large.gif 18-Jan-2001 13:55 43K Obey Ralph (large)
obey_small.gif 18-Jan-2001 18:41 49K Obey Ralph (small)
offense.jpg 03-Sep-1999 19:46 70K Compare and contrast other ethnic logos/names
playerandlogo.gif 15-Feb-2001 13:34 7K Logo leading around the athletes
poster1.jpg 06-Mar-2001 16:58 75K Hate poster found in Merrifield Hall @ UND
poster2.jpg 06-Mar-2001 16:59 56K Hate poster found in Merrifield Hall @ UND
poster3.jpg 18-Jan-2001 18:44 87K Hate poster found at home of name-change proponent
priceless.gif 21-Nov-2001 20:02 26K Master Card spoof
protests.gif 11-Sep-2000 14:05 15K Protestors @ UND (Fall 1999)
puppetmaster.jpg 02-Oct-2001 12:53 184K Engelstad as the Godfather
really.jpg 18-Apr-2000 14:58 35K Stereotypes and popular misperceptions
sioux.gif 28-Apr-1999 21:09 8K No more "Fighting Sioux"!
siouxperdogs.jpg 18-Oct-2001 10:22 22K Hot dogs at the Ralph Engelstad Arena II
siouxvenirs.jpg 18-Oct-2001 10:22 23K Souvenirs at the Ralph Engelstad Arena II
smashit.gif 18-Apr-2000 14:58 1K Smash fascism
starquilt.jpg 01-Sep-2001 11:40 63K Star quilt given at Names and Logos Conference (Fall 2001)
stop-bw.gif 20-Dec-1999 22:14 8K Stop cultural genocide (greyscale)
stop-c.gif 20-Dec-1999 22:14 15K Stop cultural genocide (color)
sucking.jpg 31-Jan-2000 12:32 78K Obscene t-shirt from NDSU fans (large)
sucking2.jpg 06-Oct-2000 18:53 25K Obscene t-shirt from NDSU fans (small)
symbols.gif 06-Oct-2000 18:53 8K The importance of symbolism
tailgate.jpg 18-Oct-2001 10:23 27K NDSU fan wearing a "Sioux Suck" t-shirt
thankyou1.jpg 18-Oct-2001 10:23 20K Ralph, Budweiser, and the "Fighting Sioux"
thingschange1.gif 02-Nov-2000 13:09 226K "The more things change" cartoon (1/4)
thingschange2.gif 02-Nov-2000 13:09 226K "The more things change" cartoon (2/4)
thingschange3.gif 02-Nov-2000 13:09 217K "The more things change" cartoon (3/4)
thingschange4.gif 02-Nov-2000 13:09 242K "The more things change" cartoon (4/4)
unveil.gif 17-Apr-2000 17:50 8K UND president and athletic director unveiling Brien logo
uofengel.jpg 18-Oct-2001 10:24 29K Sign 18 miles south of Grand Forks
wahoo.gif 06-Oct-2000 22:51 2K Old-time "Wahoo" logo
walk_for_change.jpg 08-Oct-2000 20:25 5K Fraternity members dressed-up as "cowboys" and "indians"
walkingon.jpg 18-Oct-2001 10:24 30K Walking on sacred feathers at the Ralph Engelstad Arena II
wasicu.gif 28-Apr-1999 21:09 1K "Fighting Wasicu" logo
welcometocleveland.jpg 19-Feb-2001 11:31 5K Compare and contrast of Cleveland Indian logo
welcometogf.jpg 18-Oct-2001 10:25 23K Billboard on Interstate 29
wizard.gif 18-Jan-2001 13:55 47K The Wizard of Ice
worldseries.jpg 18-Apr-2000 14:59 50K Sports and racial indifference
wwjd.gif 01-May-2000 17:35 15K What Would Jesus Do?