2001 Grand Forks Herald news articles:

Era of Increased Static (or "The Shrine is Built" Period)

VIEWPOINT: America's haunted past should prompt UND nickname change December 15, 2001
VIEWPOINT: Data, tribes and associations agree: Change the name December 9, 2001
MAILBAG: Logo opponents can't ignore reservation schools' nicknames December 5, 2001
VIEWPOINT: Make more Indian warrior images December 2, 2001
VIEWPOINT: UND nickname 'debate isn't over,' says rest of world November 24, 2001
Some words about honor and respect October 23, 2001
UND NICKNAME: Nothing new in SCSU flap October 23, 2001
VIEWPOINT: A course in nickname offensiveness October 21, 2001
More pro, con comments on Sioux nickname October 21, 2001
MAILBAG: New UND arena, nickname conference draw comments October 12, 2001
MAILBAG: Arena opening, nickname protest draw comments October 11, 2001
COLUMNIST DORREEN YELLOW BIRD: UND nickname gap may be widening into a canyon October 6, 2001
With drumming, dancing, singing ... October 6, 2001
MAILBAG: Suggesting foes should leave depicts childlike behavior October 6, 2001
Nickname opponents gather and speak out October 5, 2001
MAILBAG: More on the UND nickname October 4, 2001
RALPH ENGELSTAD ARENA OPENING: Sitting Bull descendant protests statue at arena October 4, 2001
CONFERENCE ON AMERICAN INDIAN NICKNAMES AND LOGOS: LaDuke: 'Don't call people names' October 4, 2001
VIEWPOINT: The 'jewel' of UND bears some pretty deep flaws October 3, 2001
MAILBAG: Nickname foes distort the facts October 3, 2001
UND CONFERENCE: LaDuke speaks today October 3, 2001
MAILBAG: A balanced UND conference would need two legitimate sides October 2, 2001
Nickname conference should be a standout October 2, 2001
ENGELSTAD ARENA: Secret is out October 2, 2001
VIEWPOINT: Conscience, heritage speak as one: Change name September 30, 2001
MAILBAG: UND conference organizers should call event 'monologue' September 26, 2001
UND NICKNAME: Conference, rally billed as alternatives September 11, 2001
VIEWPOINT: Column ignores tribes' resolutions September 9, 2001
MAILBAG: Support UND's teams, but change the nickname September 8, 2001
UND: Fliers urge Kupchella to resign September 8, 2001
VIEWPOINT: Liberals don't know what's best for Indian people August 26, 2001
VIEWPOINT: Nickname opposition comes from understanding August 19, 2001
RALPH ENGELSTAD ARENA: Arena costs leave little else; Construction at $100 million August 16, 2001
MAILBAG: Don't confuse the word conference with confrontation August 8, 2001
ENGELSTAD ARENA OPENING: 'Just-in-case' in place August 5, 2001
OUR VIEW: The president found a reasonable middle ground on the logo-in-Hyslop issue August 5, 2001
UND: Sioux logo removed August 4, 2001
MAILBAG: Fighting Sioux nickname honors Native Americans August 2, 2001
VIEWPOINT: Logo dispute goes far beyond sportsmanship June 15, 2001
UND Indian studies head quits committee May 30, 2001
Not all alumni support nickname May 25, 2001
SIOUX NICKNAME: Means won't protest UND graduation May 12, 2001
Means weighs protest at UND graduation May 9, 2001
Nickname spurs investigation May 3, 2001

The "No, I'm not a racist" Period in Grand Forks and at UND

VIEWPOINT: North Dakota should join the 21st century April 28, 2001
Civil rights panel: End Indian sports plans April 14, 2001
CIVIL RIGHTS: Commission may condemn team names April 5, 2001
VIEWPOINT: UND nickname, patrol emblem symbolize pride March 25, 2001
Tone it down, Kupchella says March 24, 2001
Universities condemn Native nicknames March 22, 2001
Native American students don't get free ride at UND March 17, 2001
UND: Feds open civil rights investigation March 15, 2001
MAILBAG: UND seems willing to stop at nothing to retain name March 13, 2001
INSIDE ENGELSTAD ARENA: DIAGRAM ON PAGE 9A First class all the way March 11, 2001
VIEWPOINT: Chronicle article was right on target March 4, 2001
MAILBAG: Debate on logo isn't over March 3, 2001
VIEWPOINT: Accept Sioux nickname in the spirit it was given: honor March 3, 2001
MAILBAG: Don't count on congressional push to move INMED south March 2, 2001
Tribal leader urges Kupchella to intervene in protest charges February 28, 2001
MAILBAG: Chronicle story does disservice to UND, state of North Dakota February 28, 2001
MAILBAG: Anti-logo critics don't have option February 24, 2001
EDITORIAL: Board ended debate about Sioux name February 24, 2001
UND NICKNAME ISSUE: Point and counterpoint Strinden forms unit to answer 'outrageous' words February 24, 2001
Protesters hear Means urge end to federal funds February 24, 2001
VIEWPOINT: Legal arguments against UND nickname lack merit February 22, 2001
UND NICKNAME: Groups plan to march on arena February 22, 2001
MAILBAG: Don't waste time on small issues February 19, 2001
UND PANEL DISCUSSION: A mission and a challenge February 18, 2001
COLUMNIST: Don't walk the black man's path February 17, 2001
Don't be too quick to dismiss students' views February 17, 2001
Nickname brings ESPN to UND February 17, 2001
Native leader plans UND visit February 16, 2001
UND NICKNAME: Stenehjem won't investigate board meeting February 14, 2001
NICKNAME CONTROVERSY: Human rights complaint filed against UND February 13, 2001
Professors: Board's decision may have violated state law February 13, 2001
Attorney: Engelstad bill isn't necessary February 8, 2001
MAILBAG: Think back on the old arena February 13, 2001
VIEWPOINT: In search of UND's 'soul' February 4, 2001
MAILBAG: Readers respond to logo issue February 4, 2001
New judge is assigned to UND protest cases February 3, 2001
MAILBAG: Corporation may limit liability January 31, 2001
VIEWPOINT: Nickname: Second thoughts January 28, 2001
MAILBAG: More readers respond to nickname issue Janaury 28, 2001
MATTERS AT HAND: Time for a reality check about the UND nickname January 28, 2001
Opponents take their arguments to board January 27, 2001
SIOUX NICKNAME: Contract: Engelstad must pay for arena Engelstad apparently bound to pay for new arena January 27, 2001
N.D. LEGISLATURE: HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION: Tribal chairman offers funding January 26, 2001
Logo to receive 'subtle changes' January 26, 2001
N.D. BOARD OF HIGHER EDUCATION: President: Sioux debate overshadows success January 26, 2001
Instructor rejects Engelstad donation January 25, 2001
NICKNAME ISSUE: National leader to visit January 25, 2001
Valley editors lapse into unwitting bigotry January 25, 2001
STUDENT PROTEST TRIAL: Judge removes himself from case January 23, 2001
MAILBAG: Readers react to the UND nickname controversy January 21, 2001
MAILBAG: UND doesn't need this kind of negative national publicity January 18, 2001
NICKNAME ISSUE: Tribal council assails ed board's action January 18, 2001
NOTE TO READERS January 17, 2001
MAILBAG: Half-completed stadium would be fitting monument January 17, 2001
ENGELSTAD ULTIMATUM: Blunt letter strikes a nerve January 16, 2001
Board must mend fences, draw lines January 16, 2001
Engelstad's ultimatum: Keep UND Sioux name, or I'll dump arena, eat $35 million January 15, 2001
Higher ed board reacted quickly to letter January 15, 2001
Chancellor: Sioux nickname stands January 13, 2001
MAILBAG: Kupchella: New plan takes board decision as a given January 13, 2001
Kupchella sets a new name plan January 12, 2001
UND makes progress on improving tone at games January 12, 2001
MAILBAG: Logo played pivotal role in UND nickname debate January 9, 2001
MAILBAG: Boycott of UND seems unwise, unfair January 6, 2001
SIOUX NICKNAME: NDSU to police offensive messages January 5, 2001
MAILBAG: Nickname foes seem too sensitve January 3, 2001


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