Engelstad tries intimidating UND Faculty


Engelstad loses it again, pens furious letter to UND Professor Sharon Carson

Once again, Ralph Engelstad has taken it upon himself to write vitriol to UND employees for their principled stands on the "Fighting Sioux" scandal. Laden with insults and veiled threats, and spoken with a potty-mouth, Engelstad wrote UND Professor Dr. Sharon Carson in regards to her recent letter to the Grand Forks Herald editors. How long will it take for UND to be fed-up with harassment from this "philanthropist" and divorce itself from his influence?



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Full text of Engelstad's letter:
Carson's response)


October 9, 2002

Ms. Sharon Carson, Associate Professor
Box 7209
Grand Forks, ND 58202

Dear Ms. Carson:

I recently received a copy of the article that you published in the 'Grand Forks Herald', a copy of which is hereby attached, and what a piece of trash.

You do not seem willing to accept the results of 'Sports Illustrated' even though the results came from many Native Americans and the questions were slanted in such a manner that 'Sports Illustrated' had intended for the answers to come out the other way around.

You are living in America, but you don't seem to want to accept the American way. It is usually that the people receiving the most votes are the ones that are elected.

With all the Native American programs that we have at the University of North Dakota, I do not understand why we do not have more programs for the Scandinavian people. There are more Scandinavian people in this area than there are Native Americans.

Maybe you have the answers. I don't.

You point out in the article, "Make sure that local schoolchildren are informed of the full extent of the controversy." It is a good thing that you are an associate professor in English because you don't know shit about history as it is the same path that Hitler took in educating the Hitler youth.

You state, "Urge full disclosure by the 'Herald' of its business dealings with the arena", and so forth and I regret to inform you that if the 'Herald' would reveal any business dealings to you and/or to the public, they and you would have a lawsuit on your hands.

Why not disclose to the 'Herald' how much money you make, what your expenses are, what you donate to the Native Americans, how much you spend promoting articles such as the one that you wrote and any other expenses that might be involved.

Finally, you asked people not to attend events at the Ralph Engelstad Arena. This is about as asinine a comment as I have ever seen printed by someone who is supposed to have normal intelligence. The Ralph Engelstad Arena has become a center of events, not only for the University, but for the City of Grand Forks and the State of North Dakota and the surrounding areas.

It would occur to me that you were hired by UND to teach and not to spread your personal opinions among the students.

It is a good thing that I am not in charge of running the University of North Dakota as I would fire your ass, and a few others, so quick that you wouldn't know what happened. It appears that the inmates are still trying to run the institution.

Yours truly,

Ralph Engelstad



Mr. Todd Berning, Director, Ralph Engelstad Arena, Inc.
Mr. Jim Kobetsky, Schoen Associates
Mr. Earl Strinden, University of North Dakota Alumni Association and Foundation
Mr. Tom Clifford, Advisor, Ralph Engelstad Arena, Inc.
Mr. W. Owen Nitz, Attorney at Law, Nitz, Walton & Heaton