Prez. candidate loses voter, shows leadership apathy

To the editor,
Chris Semrau, your vote must certainly determine mine. Nothing supersedes acting on discrimination. Loyalty to unenlightened constituents and/or a sense of pride that pathetically clings to a sports team name do not constitute grounds for leaders to defy what is essential to this University. We are an institution that is to lift people from ignorance, but the name of our sports team presents the leaders of our University as hypocrites. When students open their catalog and read the promise that its leaders give its students that there shall be no discrimination against persons of race, color, national origin, etc., they are reading a lie. If you cannot courageously abide by this fundamental and essential rule, I see no use in your leadership. You are able to look a Native American in the eyes after seeing their tears and hearing their plea and tell them that is not enough. That their plan is not enough. Why? Because you like a sports team name. I have never had patience for children because of their ignorance, and their "me" world. I hear children when I hear grown adults speak their inflexible and selfish opinion. It is unfortunate that our own State Representative, Jim Poolman, has this mentality and that he was awarded a degree of higher education from this University. We live in a society that demands political correctness. There is a reason for that. To those of you who still believe we will be chanting the SIOUX name in 15 years, I am amused with your disillusionment.

As you pathetically did not sympathize with Native Americans as they looked you directly in the eye, I will, with a smile, not sympathize for your request for my vote. We do not need apathy in our leadership.

Michelle Vidovic
International Studies/Social Work