DeRemer letter in Alumni Review

Mr. Strinden:

I am responding to the article in the recent alumni publication regarding the "Fighting Sioux" name. I graduated with a BA in Anthropology in 1988 and a JD in 1991. I have corresponded with you and spoken with you in person several times in the past on this same subject.

I remain adamantly opposed to the use of the name "Fighting Sioux" and to the use of any person or people as mascots for athletic events. Many reasons exist for this opinion. One that I have not heard often voiced is that we (UND) appear to outsiders to be backward and racist. Other schools have conceded that the use of humans as mascots is in itself a demonstration of racism. The continued use of the "Fighting Sioux" name at UND strikes me as remarkably akin to the use of the confederate flag in South Carolina. The slavish adherence to "heritage" demeans the entire state and makes us the subjects of ridecule by more enlightened states and schools. It is time to join the present and give up our backward traditions.

Please forward my remarks to the commission and President Kupchella. Thank you.

Jan DeRemer