Letter from Professor Noam Chomsky

March 21, 2000

Dear Dana,

Glad to hear about what you've been doing. On the US practice of ridiculing victims of its genocidal past, that should be an international scandal, and an acute embarressment here. How would we react if a championship soccer team in Germany were called "the Munich kikes"? Or if the Luftwaffe called its attack helicopters "Jew" and "Gypsy"? Funny what people cannot comprehend.

On studies of US chemical and biological warfare in Vietnam, if the US government has done anything, it's secret. I doubt it. There is a Canadian firm researching the effects in one province. It's been reported, but not here I think. In some ways the situation in Laos is even more grotesque. There are (literally) millions of unexploded murderous anti-personnel "bomblets" in just one area of Laos, the Plain of Jars. Hundreds or maybe thousands of people, mostly children and farmers, are killed by them every year. There's a British-based non-governmental mine-clearing group trying to get rid of them, but the Pentagon won't even give them defusing information. The Mennonites have been working there for some years. Here nothing is done, even reported. Recently, it was reported (in England) that the US is also refusing to clear tens of thousands of murderous cluster bombs in Kosovo. Killing is OK; dealing with the consequences is someone else's business.


Noam Chomsky