New logo on basketball court

Merry Ketterling took this picture on May 24, 2001, in the Hyslop Building. The logo is located in the center of the basketball court, where it is certain to be jumped, dribbled, and stomped on. It's large, too, measuring roughly ten feet in diameter.

While we might understand why the university is bowing to Englestad's demands for his new arena-- after all, money appears to speak more loudly than morality in ND, and Ralph Englestad, Inc. owns the arena he's plastering the heads on-- it is extremely hard to imagine the reason for placing this new image on the basketball court, given that there was no donor demand for it, and UND has had no center court logo in the past. While I'd like to think otherwise, it appears that the university has chosen to defiantly (if symbolically) raise its middle finger to the state's Indians and their supporters.

[Thanks to Scott Lowe from CCHR for providing photo and caption.]