Free Barthel and Young!

Anne Barthel and Wastewi Young
These two BRIDGES members have been charged with "disorderly conduct" for blocking University Avenue in October 2000 during a protest. Their act was a statement of opposition to UND's belligerent and continued use of the "Fighting Sioux" nickname, and, as Holly Annis stated, sitting down in the road was "a symbol of what the university is doing -- sitting down."
[From the Grand Forks Herald, October 13, 2000]

"UND three" should move UND community

MOSINEE, Wis. - Words fail to describe the respect I hold for these three: Ann Barthel, Wastewi Young, Richard Schmucker ("Three arrests at protest," Page 1A, Oct. 7).

Their courage is breathless, their love amazing. The sacrifice they made for the dignity of future generations of Indian people is heartening and heart-rending.

How awful the state of education that rejects real, live indigenous students and holds onto a ludicrous, demeaning stereotype instead.

Wake up, UND. You have lost you reputation of educational excellence. You are teaching racism.

~ Barbara Munson

What you can do to support them...
  • Send financial support to be used for their legal fees
  • Ask UND to drop the charges against them
  • Write letters to newspapers supporting their actions
    (for addresses, see
    BRIDGES' Action page)
What Civil Disobedience and Direct Action means...
The Role of Civil Disobedience in Promoting U.S. Democracy, Howard Zinn
Civil Disobedience, Henry David Thoreau
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What happened...
3 arrests at protest, Grand Forks Herald, October 7, 2000

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