TOAST is at the epicenter of 4 major research projects:

1. Extrasolar Planet Observations : We are obtaining light curves of the 122 known star systems with extra-solar planets. A periodic dimming in the light curve is a signature of a transiting extra-solar planet.

2. Gamma-ray Burst Afterglows: We are developing an algothrim to best detect Gamma-ray Burst Optical Afterglows. We are on the GRB HETE alert system and are searching for GRB afterglow's.

3. Supernovae: One of our most anticipated projects is to automate TOAST to discover and follow the light curve of various supernovae. We are about to initiate a systematic campaign to search for supernovae.

4. Minor Planets and Comets: Our initial objective was to discover and make follow-up observations of Minor Planets, Comets, and NEA's. We are hoping to restart these types of observations again.