I am pleased to announce the release of my new book On MacIntyre, the latest volume in the Wadsworth Philosophers Series. The book has just been released and is now available through many bookstores and on-line services. 

The current asking price is $15.95.

The book is written for varying levels of readers. It is the only truly 
comprehensive secondary source spanning MacIntyre's career so far. It also includes an original  chapter dedicated to defending MacIntyre's core theory on the structure and nature of rationality. 

Wadsworth Philosophers Series

On MacIntyre

By Dr. Jack Russell Weinstein

ISBN: 0-534-62244-5


How are we to live? What makes a good person, and how are we to figure out which way of life is to be preferred over others?  These are the questions that concern Alasdair MacIntyre. Born in 1929, in Glasgow, Scotland, MacIntyre has become one of the most important philosophical voices of the late twentieth century. With a sweeping knowledge of history and an eloquent style of writing, MacIntyre convinces his readers that morality is inseparable from cultural heritage, and that different ways of reasoning – different ways of thinking – are in constant conflict. He describes a world in which rival moral systems struggle to survive and to overshadow their competitors, and one in which beliefs can only be defended by appealing to important texts, sacred scriptures, and lengthy histories.

MacIntyre’s work is required reading for all those who want to understand what it means to be virtuous, and what it means to have a cultural identity and a tradition. What is our connection to our history? Why are sacred texts such as the Bible or the Koran important? Is true religious belief still possible in the modern world? What is the Good life? How can we defend our opinions against those who disagree with us? MacIntyre addresses all of these questions.

On Alasdair MacIntyre is ideal for those who seek an introduction to the most current and controversial philosophical debates. It provides a summary account of MacIntyre’s fifty-year career in clear and accessible language, culminating in a chapter defending MacIntyre against his most vocal critics. Readers of this book will develop a strong sense of MacIntyre’s importance, his strengths and weaknesses, and his connection to modern philosophy. Readers will also be able to use this book as a foundation for further reading in both moral theory and philosophy.





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