Collecting trip to Nicaragua (July 2003)

In December of 2003, I traveled to Nicaragua together with colleagues from the Gulf Coast Research Laboratory, in order to collect helminths of fish and small terrestrial vertebrates. We have spent in Nicaragua almost three weeks and collected by the cities of Leon and Chinandega, as well as on the Pacific coast. I was impressed by the beauty of the country and the spirit of the people. We worked in the field with our Nicaraguan colleagues and students from the local university. Results of the trip are reflected in several publications.

We saw a working volcano almost every day

Riding a boat in mangroves

Children ride a horse along the tide on Pacific coast

Canal in mangroves

Not edible!

Leafcutter ants at work

Vertebrates were rare, but insects were plentiful

Ants guarding their herd of aphids

One of the small fast running rivers Iguana on the roof in Chinandega
Bread fruit Cane toads have eaten almost everything that runs on the groups and fits in their mouth
These Rhabdias nematodes from cane toads lungs were described as new species The three of us with our Nicaraguan hosts
During the class at local university Low tide on Pacific coast
Peope in villages live in huts covered with palm leaves Lizards were common since they can avoid cane toads

Getting my breakfast

And consuming it