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Collecting trips to Ukraine in 2002, 2005 and 2011

I am a Ukrainian so I include some photos that are not only field work related. I studied at a university in the Ukraine and did my Ph.D. at the Institute of Zoology, Ukrainian Academy of Sciences. I closely co-work with several colleagues from the Ukraine and my last field trips there took place in 2009 and 2011.

Crimean Mountains

Crimea was a major wine-growing region since the ancient Greeks

Cormorants returning after breakfast of shrimp and fish

Longhorn beetle

Rays are common in shallow lagoons so we had to walk carefully

It looks like they are stomping on one of their brothers!

Yuriy Kuzmin trying to photograph a tiger beetle With my 35X zoom I did not have to work as hard.
A cow enjoys a day on the beach Aquatic birds are abundant and diverse
 Barn swallow  That reminded me musical notes.
A plover on the sea shore Members of our field crew with the park ranger's family
 Preying mantis came in the evening to hunt near light.  A quiz: find a moth on this picture.
Common tree frog - Hyla arborea Dung beetle
This wild fire moved in our direction so we had to pack up and be ready to take off, but it was tamed by ground crews and helicopters
Wild flax is an important component of steppe (Eurasian prairie) vegetation
Engine needs to cool off These oak tree galls were caused by wasp larvae
Jumping spiders are my undisputed favorites Ready to strike
Preparing for the field collecting House of the park ranger.
Wild steppe flowers.
Yellowjacket Mosquitos are annoying on all continents, but less dangerous as disease vectors in Europe
This spider has magnificent chelicerae! These snails are hibernating through the summer attached to plants.
Sunset in the Black Sea Reserve Sunrise
Conditions are not too luxurious, but sufficient I prefer to sleep in my tent rather than in the building with mosquitoes
This young kitten supplied me with fresh shrews and voles to dissect Resting after hard night's work.
Carpathians are my favorite region of Ukraine. A little rest on the hike to the summit (not Everest, but still tiring) Reached it. Petros is the second highest mountain in Ukraine. The highest one (Hoverla) is on the background.
Pitfall trap My friend's house built in a traditional Carpathian style
Common grass snakes are easy to find early in spring Spring Vetchling Lathyrus vernus
Looking for frogs in spring Tree frogs can be found in water only during breeding season
Morels can be found in spring Wasp nests are everywhere!
This colorful bee is about 3 mm long Garden spider Argiope bruennichi
Busy Kiev's central street - Khreshchatyk
Independence Square in Kiev
Hetman (cossack military leader) Bogdan Khmelnitsky Ancient Greek city of Khersones in Crimea
Sr. Andrew's Church St. Michael's church (note the traditional onion-shaped domes)