Collecting trip to Thailand (September 2004)

In December of 2005, Scott travelled to Canberra, Australian Capital Territory to collect three species of freshwater turtles common in surrounding areas of New South Wales. Dr. Sean Doody, Dr. Arthur Georges, Mr. Scott Thomson and Mr. Dave Rhind of the University of Canberra provided collection and logistical support that allowed us to collect Emydura macquarii, Chelodina expansa and Chelodina longicollis. Most of our collections were in and around the Yass River north of Canberra and at the Mungabareena Reserve on the Murray River, near Albany, NSW. The turtles were heavily infected with parasite species that had been previously described from the area around Brisbane, QLD and northern areas of NSW.

A view of Bangkok from 19th floor

A toad in Kong Mong Tha

Looking for parasites

One of these children was diagnosed with malaria and given drugs

Rambutans are delicious

The white juicy flesh of mangostin is very refreshing

Polypedates leucomystax is rather common

Screening snails for cercariae Found some!
Cows were used in mosquito traps
A wild aquatic snake at a restaurant!
A narrow-mouthed frog
Lunch time!
Pineapples are common in gardens
Our meals in the field not only looked colorful, they were delicious!
King's palace compound turned into museum
The artwork is simply breathtaking
Drinks are served in plastic bags for hygene reasons
A tropical lily pad
Ba was very helpful during our field work
At Bangkok Zoo
Water monitor shares space with invasive red-eared slider, a common American turtle
Farmers market