Collecting trip to Oregon (through North Dakota, Montana, Washington and Wyoming) in July 2008

In July of 2008 my undergraduate student Eric Strand and I took off from Grand Forks for a long collecting trip through North Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon and all the way back, just taking a different road and driving through Wyoming. We collected parasites of birds, shrews, fish and turtles. In Washington and Oregon we were helped by Christina Brewer who knew people and places very well. The trip was great and successful from scientific viewpoint.

Some farmers make exhibitions of old farm equipment

While others make giant animal figures

Animal in Glacier Park were not afraid of people

The little kids enjoyed their first summer

The scenery is stunning

Flowers have to use the short vegetation period at high elevations

Rodents need to prepare for winter in a hurry

Bighorn sheep in the evening Rivers in Glacier Park are scenic
A nursing chipmunk female was busy collecting food We saw some pretty spectacular trees.
In the valley these flowers bloom in Spring, but in mountains it happens in mid-summer 
 A toad in Spokane Unusual mushroom 
An interesting fly  Foxgloves (Digitalis) is a medicinal plant used to treat heart disease
Large trout from a lake near Spokane Oregon coast has amazing diversity and abundance of imarine invertebrates
Goose barnacles and common barnacles in tidal zone
Sea anemones come in different colors and sizes Sea stars clinging to the rock during low tide
Hedgehog mushroom Flowers on the rock
Temperate rainforest reminded me tropics Scenic rocks
Wind energy use is becoming more common Yellowstone
A small lake in Yellowstone Like in the Glacier Park, animals in the Yellowstone are not afraid of people
Sulphuric hot springs Geiser
Alpine meadows in Rockies
High in the mountains plants use every bit of available soil
And pikas use every available plant A glimpse of Rockies on the way out