North Dakota (various years and seasons)

North Dakota is beautiful any time of the year. Unfortunately, it is just too cold outside to enjoy its beauty during the six winter month. Camera freezes, too, so I apologize for the limited numbers of winter pics...

Grand Forks streets lined with blooming trees are nothing short of spectacular

Scott Snyder and Vasyl Tkach on Forest River

Some caterpillars look like jewels

This hognose snake is perfectly alive, just pretending to be dead

These are not cherries, they are apples

Early fall

Wood ducks are among most beautiful ducks in the world

A tree in front of my house

Mallard couple deciding how many babies can they afford in this economy

Wood frog in early spring  White thoated sparrow in my backyard
 One of the few really bright batterflies in North Dakota  Leopard frog enjoys one of the last warm days of the fall 
And so does garter snake...  And so do turtles...

Swans and geese are tough and stay until there is some open water

And until winter comes...

Winter treats for birds... Winter fun...
 More of winter fun... Then spring comes again...