Mississippi (various years and seasons)

I collaborate extensively with colleagues from the Gulf Coast research Laboratory in Ocean Springs and have visited the area multiple times starting in 2001. It is a wonderful area with exceptionally diverse range of habitats and rich fauna. The Pascagoula River with its oxbows is particularly a jewel little known to people outside the region. I usually do not have any time for photography while I am there, but hope one day I'll just go there for a visit without a pressing research agenda.

Oystercatchers White pelican

Good parasites and a dinner! Angling sheepsheads is a great fun.

A nice fungus

More fungi

High water on Pascagoula allows to enter oxbows easier.


Eric Pulis is setting a raccoon trap

This forest is home to large eastern diamondback rattlesnakes

December colors Cardinals are among our most beautiful birds
GResting after breakfast  This is one of the local Mississippi sports. 
Stephen Greiman cought his first cottonmouth Eric and Stephen have spotted an alligator
A spotted gar! And a long-nosed gar
Being good in the field has its consequences: dissecting the catch back in the lab. 
This gator is alert  Who knocked the door?
Golden orb spider Eric seems to be happy in the swamp
Good looking, but deadly Sun bathing
Dr. Curran at work
A very small alligator snapper And a good size one