Malawi trip (October 2009)

I went to a collecting trip in Malawi during the October of 2009 together with colleagues from the Chicago Field Museum and the National Museum of Malawi. We collcted birds and bird parasites, from avian flu probes to ecto- and endoparasites. The two main collecting areas were the Wvaza marsh Rserve (lowland) and Nyika National Park (highlands). The trip was highly successful and the colleted specimens comprise multiple new species that are being described.

On my way to the camp I had to stay in a hotel in Mzuzu

Elephants near the headquarters of the Wvaza Park

A male elephant preparing for a display of power

Malachite kingfisher is one of the most beautiful kingfishers

A less elaborate, but still amazingly colored kingfisher

Camel spiders are among my favorites: agile and fearsome

A large soldier ant is prepared to defend the nest

John Bates with a cuckoo

Sunbirds are humming birds of the eastern hemisphere The diversity of birds in the area was amazing
 A small herd of antelopes is a bit nervous But buffalo are  not nervous at all
Kudu is a forest  antelope  Hippos enjoy another sunny day in the mud.
Pumbaa!  Warthogs always look busy. This flag is designed to cath and kill flies transmitting diseases. 
 These complex ears and noses helps to detect sound A chameleon 
 This small rodent is well adapted to arboreal life style. One of the tit species in Malawi
The crew is putting up mist nets.   Resting by the fire after setting mist nets. 
 Frogmouth has a trademark curious look Roan antelopes in Nyika come to the lake to dring and cool off
A bushbuck visiting our camp  Preparing for the forthcoming World Cup in South Africa 
 Jason collects lice from a guinea fowl Preping birds 
 Vasyl holding a flycatcher of paradise Jason tracking birds