Timothy D. Schroeder


Recent Publications and Presentations

Schroeder, T.  (2005).  Exploratory study of ice anglers in the Midwestern region of the U.S.    The 11th International Symposium on Society and Resource Management, Ostersund, Sweden, June 16.

Schroeder, T.D.  (2004).   Motivations of Resource-based Tourism Operators in North Dakota.  Journal of Extension, December. (www.joe.org)

Schroeder, T.  & Cozzetto, H.  (2004).  Rural Tourism in the Great PlainsWestern Resource Conservation & Development Councils Association, Bismarck, ND, January 28.

Schroeder, T.  (2003).  Dimensions and Characteristics of North Dakota's Nature-Based Tourism Industry.  Presented at Marketplace of Ideas 2003, Grand Forks, ND, January 16.

Schroeder, T.  (2002).  King’s Walk Golf Course:  Golfers’ Opinions About the First Year of Operation.  Grand Forks Park District, Grand Forks, ND.

Schroeder, T.  (2002).  Characteristics, Behavior, and Preferences of Devils Lake Ice Anglers.  Devils Lake Area Chamber of Commerce, Devils Lake, ND.

Schroeder, T.  (2002).  Nature-Based Tourism Entrepreneurs in the Great Plains Region of the United States.  Presented at the Ecotourism Association of Australia, International Conference, Cairns, Queensland, Australia, October 22.

Schroeder, T.  (2002).  Recreation’s Role in Disaster Recovery:  Red River Flood of 1997.  Presented at Victoria University, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, October 16-17.

Schroeder, T.  (2002).  North Dakotas Resource-Based Tourism EnterpreneursCreating Wealth Through Rural Tourism Conference, Edinburg, ND, September 27.

Schroeder, T.  (2002).  Nature-Based Tourism Entrepreneurs in the Northern Great Plains:  Some Preliminary Results.  Presented at the National Extension Toursim Conference, Traverse City, MI, September 17.

Anderson, L.; Schroeder, T. & Anderson, D.  (2001).  Use of Student Portfolios in Advising of Recreation and Leisure Services Students. Schole: A Journal of Leisure Studies and Recreation Education 16: 107-122.

Schroeder, T. & J. James.  (2000). Collaboration in Greenway Development:  Case Study of the Grand Forks Greenway.  Presented at Recreation and Tourism Trends 2000, Lansing, MI, September.

Anderson, D.; L. Anderson, T. Schroeder & J. Staley. (1999) Disaster Response by Recreation and Parks.  Presented at the National Congress on Recreation and Parks, Nashville, TN, October.

Schroeder, T. (1998). Research Review: Diversity and Recreation. FOCUS Newsletter (North Dakota Recreation and Park Association) 19-20, June.

Schroeder, T. and T. Barnhart. (1998). Professional Certification: Who, Why, and How. Presented at the North Dakota Recreation and Park Association, Bismarck, September.

Schroeder, T. & 8 students. (1998).East Grand Forks Recreational Needs Assessment. University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, ND.

Anderson, L; T. Schroeder & D. Anderson. (1998). Grand Forks Recreational Needs Assessment. Grand Forks Park District, Grand Forks, ND.

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