Timothy D. Schroeder



        I was born and raised in the small southern Illinois village of Caseyville, about 15 miles east of St. Louis, MO.  After living in the Chicago suburbs; Bloomington, IN; Norman, OK; and Flagstaff, AZ, I moved to East Grand Forks, MN in 1991.  My wife, Betty, is a kindergarten teacher at New Heights Elementary School and we have two sons, Jay, a graduate student in biology at UND and John, a recent graduate of Concordia College in Moorhead, MN.

    My recreational interest include:

      Walking:  I try to walk about 4-5 miles each day, usually early in the morning.   Usually I walk the trails of the Greenway that approach within one block of my house.  The Greenway includes about 26 miles of trails along the Red River and Red Lake River.

       Fishing:  I enjoy fishing, an activity that I got started in as a youth, put on hold for many years, and then have returned to in recent years.  I have a small 14 foot boat which I use mostly on Maple Lake, the Red River and Devils Lake during the summer.  During the winter I icefish as much as possible.

      Hunting:  I used to hunt a lot as a young man, but didn't do much until the past few years.  Son John wanted to deer hunt a few years ago, and I participated with him in a special youth hunt.  That helped turn me on to hunting once again.  I harvested deer in North Dakota the past 2 seasons and plan to grow in my interest in hunting.

       Curling:  Not long after moving to the Grand Forks area in 1991 I was invited to join a curling league.  I have been doing it ever since.  Described by some as "shuffleboard on ice" curling involves pushing 44 pound granite "rocks" toward a target at the other end of a sheet of ice.  The direction and speed of the rocks are modified by teammates sweeping in front of them.  Curling is an Olympic sport and I am fortunate enough to curl with and against some of the top curlers in the U.S. and the world who live in or around Grand Forks.  I curled in the US Senior Curling Association nationals the past three years.

    A major life event happened to me and my family in April 1997.  We were victims of the Red River flood which damaged 99 percent of the homes in East Grand Forks (aerial view of our block) and most of Grand Forks.  After 2 weeks of floodfighting we had to evacuate our home, returning 3 weeks later to find that water had reached the main floor of our house.  After 5 months of living in a travel trailer in our driveway and completing $25,000 in repairs, we were able to move back in.

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