Geology 318


Knowlede surveys are used for several purposes:

they help students and instructors evaluate how much learning goes on in a class
they provide students with an idea of what the instsructor expects them to learn
they provide students with practice exam questions
they make sure the instructor is organized and has identified teaching goals

Students take the surveys once at the beginning of the semester and then again at the end. They may also take the survey prior to individual exams. The results are then compared to assess learning.

Most of you who are taking Mineralogy right now already registered for Knowledge Survey. If you did, do not register again, please. Or I will get very confused.

If you are not already registered - and you did not take the survey already, then the first step is to register with the Knowledge Surveyor. Click here if you need to register. You will get a user name and a password during registration.

Once registered you will get confirming email, including a link to the actual survey. Or, you can click below to get to the survey

Click here to take the Knowledge Survey