Secondary Music Student-Teaching

Observation/Meeting Content

Meeting 1:

Observation/Meeting 2:

Observation/Meeting 3:

  • "Three-way conference" to discuss progress
  • Student teacher - review items on the Mid-term Progress Report
  • Cooperating teacher - review items on the Mid-term Progress Report
  • Green Mid-term Progress Report will be completed by the supervisor following this meeting
  • Student teacher brings completed Videotape and Critique 2

Observation/Meeting 4:

Meeting 5:

  • Student teacher meets with Dr. Norman in her office (Rm. 216, HFAC, UND) to review and sign the Recommendation Sheet

Observation Schedule

Observation/Meeting First 8 weeks Second 8 weeks
1 Week 1 Week 9
2 Week 3 Week 11
3 Week 5 Week 13
4 Week 7 Week 15
5 Week 8 Week 16

Expectations for (and responsibilities of) the Student Teacher

  • Check with me in the week prior to each observation to arrange for an observation time.
  • For all three observations, prepare a lesson plan. In it, indicate what you intend teach, how you are going to teach it, and how you will know if the students learned it (i.e., objectives, methods, evaluation).
  • Maintain a daily "e-mail journal" in which you include your reflections on the day at school. Your journal may include thoughts on your own teaching, student behaviors, feedback from your cooperating teacher etc. E-mail your journal to me ( at the end of each day.
  • Videotape and critique two of your lessons. Be prepared to give me your first videotape and critique by the time of your second observation, and the second videotape and critique by the time of your third observation.

If I can help in any way, do not hesitated to call me. Please advise me immediately if you are experiencing any difficulties. If you would like me to visit more frequently, I will make every effort to schedule additional observations.

Katherine Norman


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