Burrowes' Guide to Practice

On Practice in General

1. The time for practice should be fixed. What is left to be done at an uncertain time is often left undone.

2. The first portion of practice should be devoted to Exercises or Scales.

3. A passage is not sufficiently practiced until:

Rules to Be Observed at Practice

  1. Never pass over a mistake.
  2. Practice slowly at first.
  3. Ascertain the nature of the difficulty.
  4. Practice with each hand separately.
  5. Select passages for practice.
  6. Practice in small portions.
  7. In selecting passages to practice, do not always begin and end at the same place.
  8. Extend and reverse passages.
  9. Repeat correctly six successive times at least.
  10. Practice the piece as a whole after practicing in detail.
  11. After correctness, practice for fluency.
  12. Practice till perfect.

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