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Recording Reviews

Beachcomber/ Fredrick Fennel

The Canadian Brass - High, Bright, Light and Clear - The Glory of Baroque Brass

Wynton Marsalis - Carnival/ Donald Hunsberger

Cornell University Wind Ensemble/Marice Stith

Holst/Handel/Bach/Frederick Fennell

The Lord of the Rings/ Lieutenant Colonel Alan L. Bonner

The Lord of the Rings/Pierre Kuijpers

Minnesota All-State Band 1992-93/John P. Paynter

Music Of Hector Berlioz/Colonel John Bourgeois

NDSU 1994 Gold Star Concert Band/Wayne F. Dorthy/ Kyle D. Mack

A Patriotic Salute to the Yorktown Bicentennial

Russian Christmas Music/Gordon Norman

Saxophone Vocalise/Frederick Fennel

Sussex Mummers Christmas Carol/John Climer

Tennessee Education Association 99th Annual Convention/Herbert Carter

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