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Human Sexuality Syllabus

Psyc 210: Human Sexuality

Human Sexuality is a broad survey course that provides undergraduates with an introduction to the diverse topics that comprise human sexuality. To understand human sexuality, one must be familiar with its biological aspects, psychological aspects, social/cultural aspects, and moral or spiritual/religious aspects. The central goal of this course is to acquaint students with the multifaceted aspects of human sexuality, and to help them increase their understanding of how human sexuality is influenced by and influences so many other parts of our lives.

Human Sexuality Course Syllabus

Multivariate Statistics Syllabus

Psyc 542: Multivariate Statistics

This graduate course is designed to provide a working knowledge of multivariate statistics. We focus on the appropriate use and interpretation of a variety of multivariate statistics using SPSS. Students are tasked with becoming familiar with the various statistical techniques so they will know when to use them, how to use them, and how to interpret them. Currently, this course covers the following statistical procedures: multiple regression, logistic regression, path analysis, factor analysis, discriminant analysis, multivariate analysis of variance including repeated measures analysis and mixed designs.

Multivariate Statistics Course Syllabus.

Introduction to Psychology Syllabus

Psyc 111: Introduction to Psychology

The objectives of this course are twofold: one, to introduce you to the work of psychologists, and two, to contribute to the larger puzzle that is your general education. It's expected that you will understand each of the sections described in the outline of lectures and assignments. Within each section there are many concepts, findings, and theories that you are expected to understand, though they are too numerous to list here. If you develop a good grasp of the materials presented in this course you should be able to understand some of the basic components underlying the behaviors and mental processes of the human organism and the scientific methods used to ascertain them. You should then be able to comprehend, with a skeptical eye, the various discussions going on in the media and other places¬ that have to do with reasons and tendencies of human behaviors and the functioning of the human mind. If you work hard in this class and put thought into the topics you should also come away with an improved general ability to research and think about college-level subjects.

Introduction to Psychology Course Syllabus.

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