How do you decide

if the risks are just too high?


Where do you draw the line?


Working Nights


When you’re living on the edge,

you’d better keep your priorities straight…


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Last updated October 1, 2007


Working Nights is currently on an indefinite production hiatus.



A 48-minute version

of all scenes shot, plus bridging titles

to provide the complete story

Showed FRIDAY,  NOV. 18th, 2005

Opening Night of the 2005 Forx Film Fest

at the Empire Arts Center, Grand Forks



(Billing order not finalized)

A new motion picture written and directed by

Christopher P. Jacobs


Produced by

Christopher P. Jacobs and Jennifer Leroux



Jennifer Leroux, Chris Campbell, Christian Clapp



Paul Kelly, Kari Larson, Christopher P. Jacobs,

CeAnne Reese, and Darin Kerr as “Andre”





Several years after college, old friends Amy and Tatiana are working long hours and dealing with tenuous romantic relationships. Amy worries about Tatiana’s tendency to be attracted to dangerous men like the drug-addicted Trevor and crime kingpin Andre. She also regrets her own past relationship with Tatiana’s brother Nick, another player in the local underworld. Amy has recently broken up with Nick’s brother Michael, a musician who decided that leaving town would both further his career and help distance him from his troubled family, whereas Amy felt she needed to remain at her key position in her uncle’s business. Then old classmate Daniel Tanner, who had an unrequited crush on  Tatiana back in college, returns to town as an accountant in Amy’s building. He soon finds himself hired to audit Tatiana’s business, just at the time Tatiana has “borrowed” a large sum from her expense account to finance some of Trevor’s shady dealings. It does not take long before someone winds up dead and the others must deal with the consequences. [The latest draft of the screenplay adds a new character, Gina, long-time close friend of Tatiana, who befriends Daniel at a time of crisis in their lives.]





WORKING NIGHTS is being shot with Sony digital video cameras using the anamorphic aspect ratio of 1.78:1. The screenplay was written in November 2002, inspired by cast conversations at the party after the November 1st theatrical premiere of Vengeance of the Sorceress, with preproduction starting about three weeks later. The movie was designed to feature several of the same actors from that picture and The Threat of the Mummy, and utilize a number of nighttime locations in downtown Grand Forks. Auditions to fill remaining roles were held December 17th. Shortly after completion of its third draft, Working Nights began principal photography on December 22, 2002 with the intention of completing it by the end of January. However, with increasingly sporadic shooting, it was slightly over half-finished by early April 2003 before shutting down due to schedule difficulties. As production days were getting fewer and further between, Jacobs started writing some scenes that developed into the screenplay for Dark Highways, and when Working Nights was finally put on hold, the rest of Dark Highways was quickly written, went into production during the summer of 2003, and premiered in November 2003. While Dark Highways was making the rounds of several film festivals throughout 2004, during April-May Jacobs shot a fourth feature-length movie, Miss Mystic, editing over the summer and winning “Best Feature” at the Forx Film Fest in November. Over winter 2004-2005, the existing footage of Working Nights was finally edited into about 45 minutes’ worth of scenes, including roughly the first half-hour of the movie plus other scattered sections. If schedules of the two leads can ever be co-ordinated and some additional casting or recasting done for the revised screenplay, production may resume or simply start over, possibly sometime by 2010.





Christopher P. Jacobs teaches “Introduction to Film” and sometimes “Creative Writing” at the University of North Dakota. He had two feature-length movies released on video in 2002 after limited theatrical runs, a third in 2003, and a fourth in 2004. During the summer of 2001, he wrote, produced, and directed The Threat of the Mummy. In the summer of 2002 he produced and directed its sequel, Vengeance of the Sorceress, from a screenplay by Mary Novacek. In summer of 2003 he shot Dark Highways (nominated for “Best Screenplay” at the 2004 SMMASH Film Festival in Minneapolis), which he quickly followed in spring 2004 with Miss Mystic (winner of “Best Feature” at the 2004 Forx Film Fest and an honorable mention at the 2005 Subrosa Studios B-Movie Fest). During 2005 and early 2006 he made the feature-length backstage movie musical Music to My Ears, which he directed from a script he co-wrote and co-produced with Mark Landa and Jenny Morris. It premiered in February 2006 and was awarded Third Place in the Family Features category of the 2006 Cleveland Indie Gathering. In 2007 he made the suspense thriller Dangers from Within. Besides being director of photography, Jacobs also played the supporting role of “Marc” in Vengeance of the Sorceress, and takes on the supporting role of “Nick” in Working Nights (later reprising the character as an extended cameo in Dark Highways).


Jennifer Leroux had a very small role in The Threat of the Mummy and co-starred as “Rachael” in Vengeance of the Sorceress. She was working full-time in retail sales when production started, and later went back to school full-time. With Working Nights, she took on not only a starring role as “Tatiana,” but shared producer responsibilities, helped out with casting, as well as assisting with directing and running the camera.


Chris Campbell makes his motion picture debut as “Daniel” in Working Nights. While working on his degree in theatre from UND, he appeared in many university theatre productions.


Christian Clapp, who was a law student when production began and took her bar exams in summer of 2005, co-stars as “Amy” in Working Nights.  She previously appeared in a small role in The Threat of the Mummy and co-starred in Vengeance of the Sorceress as “Nikki.”


Paul Kelly sells cars at a local dealership, works as a professional emcee, is a musician (guitar), has been a radio disc jockey, and has frequently returned to being a university student. He co-starred as “Professor Casey Wallace” in The Threat of the Mummy and returns to the screen in Working Nights in the supporting role of “Trevor.” He also had a memorable cameo role as notorious criminal entrepreneur “Alex Montana” in Dark Highways, stars as Broadway producer “Bill Warren” in Music to My Ears, and has a supporting role as the mysterious "Charlie" in Dangers from Within.


Kari Larson is a university student with a theatre background, and makes her movie debut in Working Nights as “Lisa,” the latest girlfriend of Nick.


Darin Kerr has been a lecturer in the UND English and Honors Departments and a veteran of numerous regional theatre productions (both acting and directing), as well as several motion pictures. He starred as “Caesarion,” the title character in The Threat of the Mummy, reprising the role for Vengeance of the Sorceress. For Working Nights he took time from his busy schedule to appear in a cameo role as “Andre.” In 2007 he left Grand Forks to pursue his PhD.







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          Trailer 1    2:18 (RealPlayer) 621 k

                   A quick look at highlights from several scenes shot through January 7th.

          Trailer 2    2:28 (RealPlayer) 667 k

                             A more precisely edited sneak peek, including scenes shot through January 11th.

                   This preview is now included on videotapes of VENGEANCE OF THE SORCERESS.