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Darin Kerr stars in the title role of The Threat of the Mummy


A small Midwestern university’s collection of antiquities has been all but ignored, until a graduate student wins approval to unwrap an ancient Egyptian mummy for her dissertation. Events heat up when her plan provokes extremists to steal the body in protest, causing national news media to descend on the town. Then a clandestine attempt to perform the ancient funeral liturgy unwittingly brings the mummy back to life—revealing secrets lost for two millennia and unleashing a threat no one ever imagined. The Threat of the Mummy!



Darin Kerr, Dawn Kidle, Paul Kelly, Sarah Davis, Walter Ellis, and Kelly Clow



Christopher P. Jacobs


Part socio-political satire and part supernatural fantasy, The Threat of the Mummy is a feature-length movie shot on digital video and made entirely on location in Grand Forks, North Dakota during July of 2001. Running time of the sixth and final cut, completed May 25, 2002 is 106 minutes. This version was released on VHS in August 2002.



Over 300 people attended and enjoyed

The Threat of the Mummy during its World Premiere

held at the historic Empire Theatre in downtown Grand Forks

Friday, April 5 – Saturday, April 6 – and Sunday, April 14, 2002

An additional return engagement screening was held Halloween night, October 31, 2002.


The three days of the premiere screenings raised well over $1000 for the Empire Arts Center as well as earning back nearly half the movie’s production costs!


The Threat of the Mummy is now available on VHS, with copies for sale at the North Dakota Museum of Art gift shop and the Empire Arts Center gift shop, and for rent at Blockbuster Video’s Grand Forks locations. Included on the tape are several trailers (including a teaser for the sequel) and various outtakes to fill up the two-hour cassette. A future DVD release is under consideration for the near future.


The movie quickly prompted a sequel, Vengeance of the Sorceress (screenplay by Mary Novacek), shot during May-June-July 2002. It premiered November 1, 2, and 3, 2002, and showed at both the Forx Film Fest in December 2002 and the Fargo Film Festival in March 2003! For a synopsis and a link to some photos, click here!   Since that time, various other local and regional feature-length movies (including four more by Threat of the Mummy creator Christopher P. Jacobs, Dark Highways, Miss Mystic, Music to My Ears, and the semi-completed Working Nights) have been made on digital video with minimal budgets (or at least gone into production). The titles and basic statistics are summarized at this website.


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*   SCREENPLAY EXCERPT (from start up to middle of awakening scene)